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We are pleased to announce after ten years of hard work we have achieved the highest school games mark of PLATINUM!!!! For sport. Well done to everyone!

School Games Mark Platinum! 2022-2023/2024


FOSS Football and netball tournament

Fantastic effort team Bucklesham in the FOSS Football and Netball tournament today - both teams played well and enjoyed themselves, but the netball team won every game and won the trophy! GO Bucklesham Primary School!


Oak class dodgeball tournament

Oak Class were very excited to wear the school team kit and enter the dodgeball tournament at Inspire in Ipswich. They had a lot of fun and represented the school really well. We are proud of you!

Willow Class dance and Dance East Dance workshop.

Willow showed confidence this week performing their dance to the whole school.  It was linked to their topic on Africa.  They were probably inspired by the 'Olive Branch' performance we organised through Dance East to the whole school, which was on the themes of resilience, confidence and trust - all qualities we are trying to increase in our children.  Yew and Ash class took part in dance workshops afterwards exploring these themes, and they loved the martial arts moves that they saw.


U11 Futsal and Cross Country at Royal Hospital School

Yew and Ash boys did really well in the U11 futsal tournament this week, winning all of their games except one!  

Runners from Year 4, 5 and 6 competed in races of over 150 children.  Well one to Alana who came 16th, an to Barnaby who came 9th and William 30th after competing in the older Year 5 race. 


Oak class dance performance

We enjoyed Oak class' dance performance with their toy animals at the end of their sessions with Lauren.

Ten pin bowling event February 24

Our team enjoyed their two games at Martlesham this week.  All of the children improved their skills and well done to Lewis and Barnaby for winning a game.

U11 Dodgeball event January 24

Yew class really enjoyed their dodgeball tournament this week.  They won, drew and lost a game in each of their 5 matches.  Well done to Fabi and Blake who competed in every match and to all the children who represented the children really well in terms of behaviour and sportsmanship.

Christmas Cracker event

6 children took part in a special Christmas event at Inspire this week. They took part in botcha, circus skills, Daily Mile, archery and dance. They met an Olympic athlete called Lesley Owusu and had their photo taken with her. 


Tournaments this November

Ash class have participated in dodgeball and Yew class have enjoyed the Tag Rugby tournament.  Girls from both classes have taken part in the girls' football tournament at ITFC.  All of the children showed perseverance and improved with each game.

Ash Class Dance

Ash performed their dance to the whole school and impressed everyone with their confidence and strength of movement.  Their dance was based on their Roman topic and called Gladiator!


Cross Country News

Our team did well competing against other Primary Schools at Kesgrave High School.  Our Year 6 girls won 3rd overall.  Alana came 2nd in the Year 6 girls race, Kolbie came 5th in the Year 6 boys race and Louie came 7th in the Year 5 boys race.  Alana ran the next day for the Suffolk finals as she came in the top 10 runners at Holbrook last March.  She came 59th, competing against Year 6 and 7 girls.

U11 Football Tournament at Whitton

Well done to the football team who did a really good job on 3rd October and won most of their games! They won 4, drew one and lost one!  Well done to Fabi for winning the Fair Play Award.  Our U9 team also played at St Josephs' and did even better, winning or drawing most of their games.

St Joseph's Football Tournament U9

Ash class took part in a football tournament on 2nd October 2023 at St Joseph's.  They won 3 games, drew 3 games and lost 2.  They showed great team spirit and were very pleased with their medals!

U9 QuadKids.

On Thursday 6th July 2023, Eight children from Bucklesham attended the QuadKids event at Northgate High School.

They had four activities to do which included, Vortex howler, 50m's, 400m's and the standing long jump.

All the children did very well and enjoyed their afternoon.

Year 6 Sailing Day. 5th July 2023. 

Year 6 travelled to Waldringfield School to take part in Sailing Day.

We all meet at the school and then walked down to Waldringfield sailing club.

the day consisted of, beach activities, sailing, river cruise and a walk round the village.

We were very lucky with the weather and the children enjoyed their day very much.

Big shout out to Scarlett and Tabitha for winning the role the golf ball into the river challenge.


Year 6 Sailing Day.

U11 Mixed QuadKids.

On Tuesday 6th July 2023 ten children from represented Bucklesham in this event.

There are four activities, 75 meters, vortex howler, standing long jump and 600 meters.

All the children did extremely well.

Kolbie winning the 600m and coming joint 1st with Noah in the 75m

and Noah came 3rd in the 600m. 

Alana 2nd in the 75m and 3rd in the 600m.

Lucy 5th in the 75m and 5th in the 600m. 

Beatrix 6th in the 75m. 

Hettie 7th in the 75m.

Ben 3rd in the 75m.

Seb 4th in the 75m.

Poppy 3rd in the 75m and 4th in the 600m 

Fabi 1st in the 75m and 5th in the 600m

Well done to all the children.

Orwell Park School Cricket.

On Friday 23rd June 2023 fourteen children form Bucklesham went to

Orwell Park School to take part in a cricket festival.

We took two teams and they all played very well.

The school gave the children and staff tea after the games. 

Everyone had a lovely time. 

On Friday 16th June, Ash class entered the FOSS tournament.  We won 1 game and lost 3 games and came 4th, but the children didn't give up and Jessica and Elis were star goalies!

U11 Cricket.

On Tuesday 6th June 2023, ten children from Bucklesham went to Ransomes Sports Ground Ipswich to play Dynamo cricket.

Every child bowled either over arm or under arm three balls per over and rotated in the field.

The children battered in pairs again rotating the wicket.

The children all enjoyed their afternoon and won three games and drawing one.

Well done everyone.

U11 Bee Netball.

On Tuesday 23rd May, Seven children went to Ipswich School Rushmere to play in a bee netball event.

The team did very well winning three games and drawing one, playing games against

different schools they have not played before.

Well done to all the children and to Mrs Weeks and Mrs Garnham for training the team.

Thanks to the parents who helped with lifts.

On Wednesday 26th April 2023 six children represented Bucklesham in the Panathlon

Tenpin Bowling event.

The children played two sets of ten games each.

The first set of games for each school were scored to find the eventual winners. 

The children played very, very well and enjoyed their afternoon.

I am pleased to say Bucklesham won the event overall.

So very proud of all the children.

Well done everyone.

U11 SEN Ten Pin Bowling.

Cross Country Royal Hospital School Holbrook. 

Wednesday 29th March.

Twenty Seven children from years 3-6 represented Bucklesham

in the cross country event at  RHS.

The children had to run 1,500m and 2,200m depending on age. 

All the children ran very well, with some outstanding performances from

Alana, Barnaby, Tabitha, Molly and Noah. 

So very proud of all the children who ran today congratulations.

Cross Country RHS Wednesday 29th March.

U9 Mixed Dodgeball Thursday 23rd March.

Seven children from years 3+4 took part in the

Dodgeball Festival at Inspire Suffolk Ipswich.

Each game consisted of three two minute matches. 

The children played very well winning some, drawing and losing two.

Well done to all the children.

U9 Dodgeball Festival.

U11 Girls Futsal Tuesday 21st March.

Seven children from Bucklesham went to St Joseph's College Ipswich to take part in the

U11 girls futsal festival,

This was played outside on Astro pitches.

The girls won two games and drew two.

They all played extremely well with Molly winning the fair play award.

Well to all the girls.

U11 Girls Futsal.

U11 Mixed Dodgeball Tuesday 14th March 2023.

Seven children from Bucklesham went to Inspire Suffolk to play in the dodgeball festival.

The children played against six other schools.

Winning three, drawing four and losing three.

The children all play extremely well and enjoyed their afternoon.

Well done to you all.

U11 Dodgeball Inspire Suffolk, 14th March 2023.

FOSS Netball and Football tournament March 2023

U11 Basketball Inspire Suffolk.

Ten children from Bucklesham went to Inspire Suffolk to play basketball.

They played four games, winning one, drawing one and losing two.

The children played extremely well and Mrs Garnham was very impressed with the way they all played and their behaviour.

Well done to all the children especially Fabi for receiving the fair play award, with Molly and Rory being picked to go to trials at Copleston High School in April.

U11 Basketball.

U9'S Futsal Festival.

On Thursday 26th January 2023 five girls from Bucklesham went to Inspire Suffolk to play in the festival. The girls played six games and played very well

and enjoyed their afternoon. 

well done girls! 

U9 Futsal Festival 26th January 2023

On Thursday 19th January 2023 6 children from Bucklesham went to Martlesham Bowl to take part in the bowling festival. The children all enjoyed their afternoon and bowled really well. The team came 3rd overall which is a fantastic achievement!

Well done to all the children.

Bowling at Martlesham.

Walking Netball

Ash Class Dance.

On Wednesday 14th December 2022 Ash Class performed

their topic dance to the whole school.

The song was Underground remixed with lyrics from the duke of York.

The children performed very well

and everyone enjoyed it very much.

Ash Class Dance

Santa Dash Friday 9th December 2022.

At 11:40pm the whole School went outside in the cold to walk or run round the playground.

This event was rolled out across the country at all the School Games Schools.

The children looked amazing in their Christmas hats and jumpers.

Santa Dash.

Cross Country Friday 2nd December 2022.

On Friday the 2nd December 22 children from Bucklesham took part in the cross country event at Kesgarve High School.

Year 5 girls and boys ran 1 mile and year 6 girls and boy ran 1.2 miles.

Some very good performances from all the children.

The year 5 girls won the team event overall.

Alana coming second in the year 5 girls race with

Tabitha coming second in the year 6 girls and Noah coming 3rd in the year 5 boys race.

Well done to everyone fantastic achievement in the rain and cold.

Cross Country Kesgrave.

Multi Skills Morning Tuesday 29th November 2022.

Today 5+6 learnt how to be multi skills leaders.

Tom Wright from Active Suffolk came in to train the children so they could then test years 3+4 on the activities.

The leaders and 3+4 did very well and all enjoyed their morning being active.

Multi Skills Morning

Santa Dash 9th December 2022

Badminton Festival 18th November 2022.

On Friday 18th November 9 children from Bucklesham

went Ipswich Schools Sports Centre 

to take part in the festival.

There were 10 stations for the children to have a go at different badminton skills.

The children all enjoyed the event and done very well.

Badminton Festival.

Bikeability Week 14th November 2022.

Children from 5+6 took part in Bikeability week,

The children were learning how to ride a bike correctly on the road.

They rode down to Bucklesham village to help with their learning.

Unfortunately, the second group were unable to finish their session, but will get another chance on Monday 21st November. 

Bikeability 2022.

U11 7x7 Side Football Tournament.

On Tuesday 4th October 2022, eight children attended the 7x7 football tournament at Whitton Sports Centre.

The team played three games winning one and losing two. 

Everyone played very well with some excellent football skills being shown.

We were also the school with the most girls playing fantastic!

Well done everyone who played.