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Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Intent - what do we want children to learn?

At Bucklesham we believe that Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Wellbeing are key in developing competent, well-rounded individuals who are able to navigate life both in and out of school. It is our intention that all children develop the skills to reach their full potential. We want PSHE and Wellbeing to underpin the wider curriculum and school community, not just in class PSHE lessons.

Our PSHE curriculum is designed to teach pupils the knowledge and skills to:

  • Value different family structures
  • Create and maintain positive friendships
  • Develop safe and respectful relationships
  • Understand the changes that take place during puberty
  • Promote good health and carrying out first aid
  • Learn to make independent choices and not to be influenced by others
  • Operate safely in a digital world

Implementation - how will we achieve our intent?

At Bucklesham we use Kapow Primary to support PSHE teaching and learning. In EYFS 3 topics are covered to support the Early Years curriculum: Self-Regulation, Building Relationships and Managing Self. In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, PSHE is covered through 5 topics: Families and Relationships, Health and Wellbeing, Safety and the Changing Body, Citizenship and Economic Wellbeing.

In Families and Relationships children learn how to form respectful relationships with others, deal with conflict and bullying and the importance of challenging stereotypes. In Health and Wellbeing children learn strategies for looking after their mental and physical health, including: healthy eating, relaxation techniques, sun safety, immunisation facts and the benefits of sleep. In Safety and the Changing Body children learn about first aid in a variety of situations and about safety around medicines, online and road safety and the changes which occur during puberty. In Citizenship children learn about human rights and the rights of the child, democracy, diversity and community and protecting the environment. In Economic Wellbeing children learn how to make decisions when it comes to spending, budgeting and saving money and exploring different career choices. In Year 6 only there is an added topic of Identity where children learn about what makes us who we are and about body image.

Each area is revisited in all year groups to build on prior learning.

Our curriculum meets all statutory requirements of the RSE guidance from the DfE.

Impact - what will it look like when we have achieved our intent?

The impact of our PSHE curriculum can be seen every day in the children. Children are able to use their knowledge and skills to navigate challenges and friendships, they challenge themselves with their learning on a daily basis and they look out for and support each other across the school.

Pupil Voice is represented through various groups and teams that are embedded in our school community. We do this through School Council, Eco Team, Sports Leaders, Peer Mentors and Wellbeing Ambassadors. These roles are formally applied for by pupils from across the school and voted for by their peers to promote democracy. These various groups within school take great pleasure in being involved in the school community as well as with outside agencies. Our Eco Team have also been involved in making a Coronation garden for this year’s Suffolk Show. Our Head Pupils and Wellbeing Ambassadors are building links with a local Retirement Home in the wider community.

Pupils leave Bucklesham as understanding, compassionate and responsible citizens. They have a solid understanding of what it means to be healthy (both mentally and physically) and how are where to seek support. Overall, pupils at Bucklesham will have developed the resilience and confidence to deal with life in the 21st century.

Suffolk Mind Wellbeing Workshops

Each class took part in workshops to explore how to keep themselves mentally healthy and what they need to do this.  They were given strategies in their kitbag when they are feeling like their emotional needs aren't being met.

FOSS Day on Diversity

We belong to FOSS (Family of Small Schools) and have a joint day each year, where children learn with their parallel classes in the other schools. This year our FOSS day was learning about Diversity, and celebrating our uniqueness, which linked to our learning in PSHE. Children learnt about cultural differences, gender, disability and LGBTQ+. We recorded 'This is Me' with Waldringfield Primary School and Martlesham Academy.

Safeguarding Links for Parents