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Intent - what do we want children to learn?

At Bucklesham, children are exposed to a range of music throughout the curriculum. It is our intention that every pupil develops a keen interest in music in its many forms and are excited by opportunities to develop their musicality both in school and out. Our Music curriculum allows us to deliver high quality, practical and engaging musical experiences; so that all children can develop the self-confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding to develop a lifelong love of music, whilst also providing a secure foundation that enables them to take music further should they wish to.

Through Music we support children to:

  • Use their voices expressively by singing songs, chants and rhymes
  • Play tuned and un-tuned instruments
  • Listen with understanding to a range of music from different traditions and composers
  • Develop an understanding of musical composition
  • Use and understand musical notations

Implementation - how will we achieve our intent?

At Bucklesham we use Sing Up to support our Music teaching and learning from Reception to Year 6. Children are taught the Music curriculum in weekly lessons, but music can also be found throughout our curriculum with songs and chants to support Maths, Geography, Science, PSHE and many more. A weekly singing assembly allows the children the opportunity to develop their skills of singing in unison, singing harmonies, as well as chanting or rapping. Songs and Music in singing assemblies also allow us the opportunity to explore our curriculum drivers: Wellbeing, Diversity and Environment. This, along with performances like our Christmas plays, demonstrate that music is important to the life of our school.

Across the school, children have the opportunity to learn an instrument through 1:1 music lessons with an experienced tutor. They can learn the piano, guitar and ukulele.

Where appropriate, Music is linking to other areas of learning within the curriculum, allowing a deep dive into a particular theme or topic. Throughout, children learn and are exposed to different instruments and their names, musical terminology (such as pitch, tempo and timbre) and how music genres have changed over time.

Impact - what will it look like when we have achieved our intent?

By the time children leave Bucklesham Primary School, children will have developed an understanding of music through time and cultures as well as experiencing a plethora of musical genres. Throughout their years with us, children’s musical profile will progress and is improved through a range of outlets, improving well-being, concentration and listening skills. We ensure that pupils are offered access to music throughout their curriculum and outside of the classroom to inspire their love of music now and for their future.

Highlights of Music at Bucklesham include:

  • KS1 Nativity performance
  • Harvest songs and poems performed at our Harvest celebration
  • Piano concerts, guitar and ukulele performances 
  • Performing songs to parents for our Jubilee and Coronation celebrations
  • Christmas Carol concerts
  • Musical presentations from musicians

Music Games to try at Home


We offer guitar, ukulele and piano lessons to pupils.