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Information for Parents

During their time at primary school, we wish for the children to experience a range of opportunities for writing across the curriculum. A summery of this can be seen below.

Title Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2

• Write stories set in places pupils have been.
• Write stories with imaginary settings.
• Write stories and plays that use the language of fairy tales and traditional tales.

• Write stories that mimic significant authors.

• Write narrative diaries.

• Write stories set in places pupils have been.
• Write stories that contain mythical, legendary or historical characters or events.
• Write stories of adventure.
• Write stories of mystery and suspense.
• Write letters.
• Write plays.
• Write stories, letters, scripts and fictional biographies inspired by reading across the curriculum.


• Write labels.
• Write lists.
• Write captions.
• Write instructions.
• Write recounts.
• Write glossaries.
• Present information.
• Write non-chronological reports.

• Write instructions.
• Write recounts.
• Write persuasively.
• Write explanations.
• Write non-chronological reports.
• Write biographies.
• Write in a journalistic style.
• Write arguments.
• Write formally.


• Write poems that use pattern, rhyme and description.
• Write nonsense and humorous poems and limericks.

• Learn by heart and perform a significant poem.
• Write haiku.
• Write cinquain.
• Write poems that convey an image (simile, word play, rhyme and