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Whole School Big Draw Project - Each class contributed to the mixed media painting of our school. 

Intent - what do we want children to learn?

At Bucklesham Primary School, we wish for every pupil to develop their skills in all areas of art and design through becoming inspired by others, designing and developing their ideas and evaluating their finished pieces and those of other artists.  Art enables children of all abilities to respond to the world in an abstract sense, providing visual and sensory experiences whilst working in a structured and sequential manner through a series of lessons offering skill and knowledge progression. Children will become confident with a variety of artistic techniques including drawing, painting, sculpting, collage and printing. Children will develop their knowledge of famous artists and designers and will be exposed to work from a wide range of time periods and cultures as well as knowing how art through time has shaped our world today. Children will have the opportunity to evaluate others’ work, ask questions and share their opinions enabling them to think critically and develop an understanding of art and design.

Implementation - how are we going to achieve our intent?

  • The teaching of the art curriculum is based upon the National Curriculum and provides children with sequential learning to progress throughout their years.
  • Art is linked to our wider topic in both key stages.
  • Pupils use a wide range of materials and techniques to craft their own pieces and explore form, pattern, colour, texture, line and space.
  • Pupils speak confidently about art and use the correct terminology to describe processes and material. Language and vocabulary are areas of progression throughout the years.
  • Pupils respond to examples of art in a personalised manner.
  • Pupils are challenged to improve their mastery of art through a variety of mediums.
  • Our school library is accessible for pupils to research different artists.
  • Children are encouraged to use the internet to research famous artists and forms of art from different cultures and periods in history.
  • Pupils are encouraged to take on feedback and next step comments from teachers.
  • Quality wall displays show appreciation of children’s work and celebrate successes.
  • Sketch books should contain a range of work for children to revisit and evaluate including photographs of 3D work and studies on great artists in history.
  • Art is a celebrated part of our school through the opportunity to share work in our weekly celebration assembly.
  • Art is appreciated throughout Geography and History as pieces from various time periods and cultures are studied.
  • In science, children are encouraged to explore colour, texture and material.
  • In computing, children are given the opportunity to explore different mediums such as photography.
  • In English, children learn the language of the subject.
  • High quality questioning supports children’s knowledge and ideas.

Impact - what will it look like when we have achieved our intent?

Art is a loved subject by both teachers and pupils in our school where teachers have high expectations for outcomes. By the time children leave Bucklesham Primary School, children will have experienced a range of inspirations to encourage their own artistic flair and interest. Children will be knowledgeable on famous artists throughout time periods and cultures and examine the way these individuals have shaped and influenced art today as well as reflecting upon their thoughts and feelings about others’ work. Pupils will learn to work with various mediums and to use technique to achieve their desired outcome. Our art curriculum very importantly contributes to a child’s wellbeing, creativity, imagination and judgement and well equips them for their secondary art education.