Bucklesham Primary School

'Working Hard, Aiming High'




At Bucklesham Primary School, we believe in the importance of writing across the whole curriculum.

Writing is a key life skill which enables children to express themselves, communicate with others and access other areas of the curriculum. It is a complex process which requires a command of sentence and text structure, grammar and punctuation, an ability to edit and evaluate both their own and others writing, a knowledge of how spoken language translates to the written word, an awareness of purpose and audience across different genres and involves a competency in spelling and handwriting.


We believe we foster an ethos where:

 -  writing is seen as purposeful and enjoyable

 - each child to see themselves as a confident and successful writer

  - each child can achieve the level of writing of which they are capable

  - writing is developed across a range of meaningful contexts

  -  there is a broad curriculum offering the full spectrum of writing genres

      - each child develops the necessary writing skills to be a competent writer

   - writing is seen as an essential life skill