Bucklesham Primary School

'Working Hard, Aiming High'


Personal Social and Health Education



Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) holds a precious place within the schools ethos and is a subject that is delivered carefully in each class every week. PSHE begins straight away in the Early Years and is a prime area of learning. It is fundamental which supports the development of learning across all other areas.

PSHE provides the children with lots of opportunities for discussion, asking questions and working with each other. The children are very much encouraged and helped to develop the skills necessary to listen to and value the views of others.  PSHE encourages the children to be independent learners by encouraging them to think and reflect about their own circumstances.

PSHE has a crucial role in supporting the children with everyday issues that the children may come across.  Through careful planning and teaching we educate and support children which will help them make different decisions and choices in life.

At East Bergholt we are keen for the children to work with and get involved with people in the community. We invite different professionals from different backgrounds to come and talk to the children about their role and experiences.

As the children progress through the school more sensitive issues are addressed, in a way that meets the needs of the children in the East Bergholt area.  Policies are in place for the teaching of drug and sex education.

We follow the Suffolk scheme for PSHE as a basis for our curriculum.