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Newsletter 16.04.20




Bucklesham Primary School         

 16th April 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Here are a few updates for you from the week.


Class Do Jo Launches on Monday!                                                                       


We are very excited to be launching Class Dojo on Monday next week! If you have sent in a permission request, we will be sending you a link for you to access the class story and to have direct messages with the teachers. These links will be sent out on Friday afternoon. If you have sent us permission and have not received this link by Saturday morning, please check your Junk Folder first. If this does not work then email the email and we can help you.  As this is new, we may experience some teething problems at first so please bear with us as we all get used to using the system.


 Each morning the teacher will be setting you an outdoor challenge that you can either do in your garden or when you complete your exercise. These challenges are set as extra ideas so please don’t worry if your situation doesn’t allow you to complete them. If you wish, you then can send your teachers pictures of what you are doing through class DoJo and they will respond to you. You can also send pictures of the work you have completed at home. The teachers will be looking at their direct messages at the end of the afternoon to give people time to upload any pictures they wish to share. They will also respond to you during this time.


For any help on how to use Class Do Jo there is a class dojo help for parents page which is on their website by clicking the following link          



Home Learning                                                                                            

All home learning will continued to be uploaded to the class pages on the website and not on Class Do Jo. This is to ensure that all parents including those who do not wish to use class Do Jo have access to the work. We will continue to send a weekly planner to break down the tasks daily. Please only use this if it suits you. In Maths, we will be using the White Rose Home Learning materials. Each lesson comes with a video clip you can show your child which will explain methods etc as well as questions and answers for them to complete. The link for each lesson is seen in the home learning plan. For English and Topic we will be setting a range of daily tasks for your child to complete as well as research activities.

We aim to provide you with too much rather than too little so please select the parts that work for your child. Remember, they will be gaining so many learning experience from you at home as well.




Over the summer term, the teachers will be completing end of year reports. The reports will take their usual format and our assessments will be based on the objectives that had been covered up until March. We will also be making clear where the children were academically at this time in relation to each objective. More will be explained when the reports come out to you at the end of June/ beginning of July.



School Closure


As all key worker parents wish to keep their children at home during the pandemic, the school will remain closed for all pupils until we are instructed to re-open again by the government. Thank you for all of your support with this during this time.


New Governors                                                                                                        


After the result of the election, I can confirm that the newly elected parent governor is Mrs Nuziatina Catalanotto. I can also confirm that Mr Mark Andrews joins the governing body as a Co-opted governor. We are looking forward to working with them both.   


Signing up to Class Dojo                                                                                        


Just a quick reminder that if you wish your child to be signed up and haven’t already contacted us, you must send the following permission to the office in order for us to add you to the class lists. Class DoJo will be used after the Easter holiday break.


I give permission for my child to use ClassDojo.
The email I wish to use for teacher to parent contact is : 

Child's name:                     Year:



Twitter Page                                                                                       


Please follow our twitter page @BucklehsamCP for updates and links that you may find useful. We update this on a daily basis.    


We hope you all had a lovely weekend and we will continue to be in touch during next week.


Stay safe and keep well

Best Wishes

Mrs Lea