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Letter to parents -Class DoJo

 Dear Parents 
Class DoJo - For all parents in year 1-6

Going forward into the summer term of home learning we wanted to explore how teachers, parents and children could communicate through a safe platform. The children in Reception will continue to use Tapestry to do this.  We have chosen Class Dojo to enable us to do this for the rest of the school. Many schools use this so we were able to ask other professionals how they found it and it was overwhelmingly positive. There is an introductory video on this link which will explain more about it and links to other pieces of information about it.

The platform is secure and complies with up to date privacy regulations - see here:

Staff will be able to use the ‘Class Story’ to share whole-class messages, updates, reminders, photos and video though the app or website. Children will be able to access an area of the Class Dojo website to store pieces of work via a portfolio. In order to set this up we need your permission.  


You will need to email into Parentmail with the following text:

I give permission for my child to use ClassDojo.

The email I wish to use for teacher to parent contact is :_______________

Child's name______________________ year_________


Over Easter, Mrs Scrutton will forward your emails to the classteachers who will then set you up. If you do not respond by the end of the holidays, your child's name will not be included on the class list on Dojo. If you don't want to engage with this platform you can still access the work requirements as they will be posted on the class pages of our website. We will then use the first week of the new term to embed this platform and all learn how to use it! 


Class Dojo also offers direct two-way text messaging between teachers and parents within the platform environment. This is clearly something that we are intend to offer as we move into the summer term. You might wish to ask a question about a particular piece of work or ask about a particular method. Please bear in mind though that the staff are not available 24/7 and if they become ill they will not be answering at all. 

Please see the attached policy which we will all adhere to. 

The use of Dojo will complement the learning plans which will be uploaded onto the website and enable children to interact with their classteacher, something they will be missing at this time. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Best Wishes 
Mrs Lea 
Bucklesham Primary School