Bucklesham Primary School

'Working Hard, Aiming High'

Covid -19 Update

Dear Parents/Carers

We want to inform you that we will be sending out daily updates to keep you informed of the ever changing picture that we are faced with. These updates will be sent via parentmail, so please use this platform regularly. I have taken the decision to postpone all events within school until Easter. This includes parents evening, class assemblies and learning reviews. All of these will be rearranged in the Summer term. We are also cancelling swimming and any sporting tournaments up until Easter. We will then review the situation at the start of the Summer term.


Within the school, we are asking all staff, visitors and children to wash their hands after breaks and sports activities, before cooking and eating, on arrival at school and after using the toilet. Public Health England also recommend that all children wash their hands before leaving home/school. They have also recommended not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, not to share items that come into contact with the mouth (cups and bottles) and if unwell, not to share items such as pencils.


Currently, there are no plans for schools to shut. However, in the event that we have to close, we have held a meeting to discuss how we can ensure continuity of learning for the children. Teachers will be expected to provide opportunities for your children to continue their education at home. Without going into too much detail, we will be providing work through our website for every class. Much of the work will involve children writing on paper, so if you don't have a computer at home there is no need to worry as long as you can access our website from your mobile phone. We will send exercise books for the children to write in. Year 6 will also have revision books for reading, spelling/puctuation/grammar (spag) and maths. We will expect all pupils to complete the work. We will also send out copies of our calculation policy to help parents understand the methods that have been used within class. Please continue to use the homework sheets for all other activities relating to topic.


We have also been made aware that Twinkl are providing free unlimited access to all parents and teachers for the next month. Twinkl has a wealth of resources that can be used to support your children's learning. They have produced free home learning kits for all children. Please see the link - for more information.


We will ensure that the amount of work set is manageable for parents who may also have to work from home. Of course, we hope we do not need to close, but in the event that the Government advice is to do so, we will need to take action quickly so we are making preparations now.

We will be posting the latest DFE guidance on the website.


We hope you find this informative and although we may not need to put all of these preparations in place, I want to reassure you that we are well prepared if we have to do so.

Best wishes

Mrs Lea