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Experiences and Opportunities

During their time at Primary School, the children experience a range of opportunities and experiences to enable them to be confident readers. The provision for each Key Stage is shown below.


Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2

• Listen to traditional tales.
• Listen to a range of texts.
• Learn some poems by heart.
• Become familiar with a wide range of texts of different lengths.
• Discuss books.
• Build up a repertoire of poems to recite.
• Use the class and school libraries.
• Listen to short novels over time.

• Read and listen to a wide range of styles of text, including fairy stories, myths and
• Listen to and discuss a wide range of texts.
• Learn poetry by heart.
• Increase familiarity with a wide range of books, including myths and legends,
traditional stories, modern fiction, classic British fiction and books from other
• Take part in conversations about books.
• Learn a wide range of poetry by heart.
• Use the school and community libraries.
• Look at classification systems.
• Look at books with a different alphabet to English.
• Read and listen to whole books

Questions to support your child's reading - EYFS

Questions to support your child's reading - KS1

Questions to support your child's reading KS2

Reading and Spelling Lists per Year group