Bucklesham Primary School

'Working Hard, Aiming High'


Ash Class

Teachers: Miss Euston and Mrs Biggs (HLTA)


Teaching assistants: Mrs Biggs and Miss White 


As a last day of term treat, we enjoyed a LIVE online lesson from Deadly 60's Steve Backshall. In our teams, we had to solve the case of the missing fossil by using all of our knowledge on rocks. We had heaps of fun!

This week we have been trying traditional ancient Roman starters including homemade spelt bread, cheese and grapes!

We are ending our science unit on 'Rocks' with a lesson all about the process of soil formation and its layers. We started out with a walk around our school field to compare soil colours and textures in different places before creating 'edible' models to show the three layers of soil: bedrock, sub-soil and top soil. Ash were very sensible and showed great teamwork skills!

In English we have started to look at our next big write... newspaper articles! Today we learnt all about the features of an article before labelling these in groups. We even got to interview survivors of the volcanic eruption during our hot seating task!

Trying homemade chutney and jam from Hettie and Lucy in celebration of British Food Week!

Enjoying the last of the summer sunshine with a P.E lesson on tennis skills!

Enjoying the sunshine in a P.E lesson.

Ash Class Outdoor P.E lesson.

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 Miss Euston and some of the class have been taking part in the school games fitness challenges.

These include:

Leg workout, core workout and arm workout. 

Each workout has six different activitives to work on. 

Fitness Challenges.

Fitness Challenge

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Ash Class Dance Part 1

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Ash Class Dance Part 2

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Ash Class Dance Part 3

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Ash Class Dance Part 4

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Dance 9th September 2020, 

This afternoon Ash class had their first dance lesson with Lauren.

The lesson is part of their topic project which is all about France.

The children learnt the first part of the dance.



Topic Book of theTerm.


Ash Classes Geography topic The Rainforest.    

Ash class have been building rainforest boxes in art to show

what things live and grow in the rainforest.

 Ash class are the first class to use our brand new hockey equipment brought with the sports premium money in their outdoor P.E lesson. They had a go at different skills within the hockey range. These were skills such as dribbling the ball showing control of stopping the ball with the stick. Moving the ball around the playground and passing the ball to a partner.



Science/ Plants and how they grow.

Topic The Wild West

                                                 Autumn Term 1 and 2  2019

Africa topic pictures.


Ash Class this term have been reading the book the Green Ship, they have been learning

to re-write the story in their own words. Ash Class have also been learning about

Ancient Egypt in their topic work.

Ash Classes topic dance to the song of walk like an Egyptian. Laura our dance teacher

selected the music and dance routine for Ash class to learn this half  term.

The class then perform the routine to the whole school.

Ash Classes Dance

Summer learning